Alejandra Acosta - My Vetforce Story

Transformational benefits of Salesforce Military

Position at Simplus:

Associate Consultant


Experience in Salesforce:

1 year


Military Job:



How did you discover Salesforce?

I’ve been a housewife/stay-at-home mom for the past two to three years, and my husband works here at Simplus. So he would come home from work, and I’d ask about all this stuff at work but had no clue what he was talking about.


How did (are) you train(ing) to become Salesforce Certified?

Because my husband is a Vet, I have access to Salesforce Military, too. So eventually I was like “I want to know what you’re talking about.” He suggested Salesforce Military resources, I got set up there, and then I had a trail ready for me to get into the Salesforce ecosystem.


What is your #salesforcemilitaryvictory story into Simplus?

I got started with the bootcamp. At first, I wondered if this is something I could do. My husband encouraged me, I threw my résumé in,  and now I’m going from housewife to this whole career. 


How has Salesforce Military made an impact on your life?

What’s great is not just having the career ahead of me but also having the potential for growth within the career. Salesforce is constantly changing, so that’s really exciting and opens new doors for me. And then all of this has been changing things for our whole family as well. We’re now able to say “We want to take an awesome vacation,” and we can actually plan that out. 


What does the Salesforce Military community mean to you?

I’m so grateful it’s available to me because it gave me a path to follow. With Trailhead, if you don’t know what you want, there’s a ton of information, so it was nice to have a set path for me that I could walk down when I didn’t know my way. And then the people I’ve been able to reach out to for support are great so I know I’m not flying solo. So not only is there a path laid out for me but also people to cheer you on and point you in the right direction.

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