Annamaria Hickman shares how Vetforce changed her life's course

Annamaria Hickman shares how Salesforce Military changed her life’s course

Position at Simplus: Lead Consultant/Salesforce Military Ambassador

Experience in Salesforce: 3 years

Military Job: Navy Military Spouse


How did you discover Salesforce?

My Salesforce Military journey all began with my husband serving in the military for a solid ten years, with six years in the Navy and four in the Army. As a #milspouse, my biggest struggle was having to readjust each time he would leave and come back for a period of time and then leave again. Salesforce Military came into our lives seven months after having our first child. We were really battling the financial bind we were experiencing. One night, we sat down and had a very deep and life-changing conversation.

We knew we needed to make a change and get our family over this hump that seemed like a mountain at the time. My husband had looked into Salesforce and came across Salesforce Military; that’s when he signed up and started learning at his own pace with Trailhead by Salesforce. He brought this to my attention and I, of‌ ‌course, jumped on and began doing the same. I had very little knowledge of the CRM systems and wanted to learn more about it through Trailhead. I was fascinated with the idea that there was a program out there for veterans and military spouses to learn a whole new skill set and receive strong support. I had not seen this from anywhere else.

In June 2018, I had completed a few modules and earned a few badges when I received an email from Michael Halles. He invited me to interview to be one of the 50 cohorts that would represent Salesforce Military at the 2018 Dreamforce Conference. I was so nervous during that interview. Add the fact that I had my son with me, and I was sure I had ruined my chance at being selected. I was surprised and thrilled when I was chosen to attend Dreamforce and represent Salesforce Military with 49 other members.

Leading up to my September departure, I experienced significant anxiety about leaving my son for the first time. I almost backed out. Thankfully, I overcame that and headed off to the airport. Dreamforce was an experience I will never forget. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing individuals, embracing all of Dreamforce by attending keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking receptions with the Salesforce Military team. And I landed my first Salesforce career with Simplus from the Salesforce Military Career Fair.

What is your Salesforce Military story into Simplus?

The month following Dreamforce was a busy one. I continued to have unconventional interviews with Simplus to be a part of the very first U.S. Bootcamp. I accepted the offer immediately and began Bootcamp at the end of November 2018. The Bootcamp lasted three months. During that time, I learned Admin Essentials, CPQ Basics, and best practices as a consultant. Since graduating from the Bootcamp, I joined Managed Services, became a Salesforce Certified Administrator, and was asked to be a Simplus Veteran Ambassador to facilitate communication between Salesforce Military and Simplus. Lastly, I have the pleasure of working with an amazing team as a Lead Consultant while living the values of critical thinking, stewardship, and the underdog spirit.

How has Salesforce Military made an impact on your life?

I cannot thank Salesforce Military and Simplus enough for completely changing my life around and extending continued support. From the beginning to the end, Salesforce Military puts total commitment and passion into helping veterans and military spouses from all walks of life learn new skill sets and establish new careers. Thank you, Salesforce Military Team!

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