Car shopping or Salesforce? Navigating your choices

by Kirsten Sherwin

If you are like me, sometimes you want advice before making a big decision. For example, I know I need to buy a new car. But what kind of car do I need? What horsepower is necessary? Do I need more insurance? How much will it cost?

And like me, you want to spend your money wisely knowing you got the best car: something that gets you to work, gets good gas mileage, has a great safety record and, perhaps, a sunroof. In other words, the options that work for you—not just what comes with the car.

Sometimes, our customers feel the same way about shopping for Salesforce: many options and lots of uncertainty about how to pick the best choice. But you don’t have to shop Salesforce alone. 


Does navigating Salesforce feel like car shopping?

Just like with car shopping, Salesforce has a myriad of possible options to select, but sometimes you don’t know which ones you need. What kind of licenses should I buy? What about Service Cloud? Do I need an App? What will that cost me? Do I really need an Admin? More than one? Or maybe another maintenance option is best

Salesforce is a powerful, robust platform. And while the many options and ways it can be leveraged may be overwhelming, it’s also the beauty of it: you can get the best, perfectly tailored solution for your organization’s size, industry, and other specific needs. Because the last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on Salesforce without a scalable, long-term plan for how it fits into your company’s vision, culture, and operations.


Let Simplus Advisory Services help

This is what Simplus Advisory Services is for. Helping you get the most out of Salesforce by targeting what your needs are and trimming down all of those options into a recommended plan. A plan that not only fits into your organization now, but is also scalable for how it fits your organization in the future.

Simplus Advisory Services gets those questions out of the way by asking the questions at every level of the organization you haven’t even thought of asking yourselves. By interviewing key stakeholders, understanding your competitive and operational challenges, and identifying what your priorities are, Simplus Advisory Services will recommend to you what is needed most at an enterprise level, including an Executive Summary. In addition, we will align your Salesforce vision into a tactical roadmap for success tailored exclusively for your organization.  


No matter what road you are traveling, don’t buy Salesforce without knowing your options. Call Simplus Advisory Services today.


Kirsten is a Solution Architect here at Simplus. She brings over six years of certified Salesforce administrative experience to our team. She has proven to be successful in improving client service delivery and penetration through outstanding relationship development and vendor management. Her innovative thinking has led to her proactive development and update of best practices, standard operating procedures, and project management. Her distinguished performance has driven her to excel in every project she has been assigned. Ms. Sherwin holds a B.A.. in English from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina.