Simplus’ Casey Karp featured on DocuSign blog!

Casey Karp, Simplus’ Director of ISV Alliances, was recently featured with an article on the DocuSign blog. In the article, Casey covers the four stages of customer success with contract lifecycle management (CLM): crawl, walk, run, and sprint. Different strategies and technology enhancements come with each stage as an organization’s processes mature and scale for an increasingly automated, digital world. Catch some of the highlights from Casey below or read the full piece here!


Crawl: Contract repository, e-signature, and integration

“While the ultimate goal of contract lifecycle management is to automate and connect the entire end-to-end contract process, you have to start by putting the basic foundation in place. This means having one central contract repository. With DocuSign CLM, organizations can centralize all their contracts across the business in one secure, organized repository that makes search and discovery easy.” —Casey Karp


Walk: Sales and procurement contract automation

“Once you’ve established the essentials of your new and improved CLM setup, it’s time to dig into automation more heavily. Enterprise-wide CLM solutions now allow employees and customers to centralize, connect, and automate agreement processes across every department.” —Casey Karp


Run: Enterprise application integrations and document management

“Choose a CLM solution that comes prebuilt with the APIs and connectors to make it easier to integrate with the systems you’re already using, like Salesforce. This increases user efficiency, drives adoption and means your organization can prepopulate agreements from existing data, generate agreements, and kick off workflows all while maintaining the integrity of the data in each system.” —Casey Karp


Sprint: Contract artificial intelligence

“AI-driven contract analytics can rapidly search large collections of agreements by legal concepts (rather than just by keywords); automatically extract and compare critical clauses and terms side-by-side; quickly identify areas of risk and opportunity; and deliver actionable insights that help solve legal and business challenges.” —Casey Karp


Learn more about Simplus’ CLM practice and how you can streamline contracts for greater customer satisfaction and decreased costs here.