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At a Glance

After a negative experience with another partner, BigCommerce chose Simplus to implement and configure Salesforce CPQ for their business. The requirements included a complete implementation, custom pricing and products, and consulting work,

Services Provided
  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Custom Development

Solving ‘Free Range’ Quoting

Like many startups, the BigCommerce sales team was working without limits on pricing and quoting. Without strict guardrails in place, they were able to offer discounts that were too large, or discount too many products and services.

That ‘free range’ quoting caused difficulty in billing, invoicing and customer satisfaction. In addition, the previous failed implementation had left BigCommerce frustrated and forced to start over again.

Simplus was brought into the project to implement Salesforce CPQ, offer consulting on best practices, and turn the entire project around in a 6 week timeline.

After an extremely negative experience with another partner, we got to work with Simplus and never looked back. It's a shame we didn't go to them in the first place.

Nicole Smith, Solutions Architect

The Outcome

In order to make BigCommerce’s Salesforce CPQ implementation fit their business model, Simplus was asked to create complex setup, approval processes and pricing models. These were implemented following best practices to ensure the long-term success of the quoting process.

While keeping within the six week timeline, Simplus was able to configure Salesforce CPQ to the unique needs of BigCommerce. Custom approval processes were created to require manager sign off before quotes could be sent. A custom price book and complex quote rules were created, but hid the complexity from the salespeople in order to make quoting simple for the end user.

After implementing Salesforce CPQ, BigCommerce has seen a huge reduction in time spent between sales and customer service. The new sales guidelines have reduced errors and quoting issues by salespeople. And the clarity offered by the new quoting process has made invoicing and billing a more straight forward process.

With aggressive timelines, Simplus hit the ground running with me and were beyond helpful in setting up Salesforce CPQ, working through complex setup and pricing models with ease... There's no question who I'm going to back to. Their knowledge and talent have far exceeded my expectations!

Nicole Smith, Solutions Architect

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