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At a Glance

Limelight Networks had outgrown their legacy CPQ system. In order to grow their business, they chose Simplus to implement their instance of Salesforce CPQ.

Services Provided
  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Custom Development

Replacing a Legacy CPQ Tool

Limelight Networks was using BigMachines as their CPQ solution. The proprietary nature of that system meant that integrating with Salesforce was difficult. This placed a large administrative burden on the team, costing time and causing frustration.

Since fully utilizing the legacy system was not an option, a new CPQ tool needed to be utilized. Since their team already used Salesforce, the native features offered by Salesforce CPQ made it the natural choice.

Because of the third-party proprietary nature of our CPQ tool not integrating with Salesforce, the continual back-and-forth, the long turnaround times in the old CPQ tool was challenging for our business.

Vic Pariso, Sales Operations Manager

The Outcome

In order to make Salesforce CPQ fit their business model, Simplus was asked to create complex setup, approval processes and pricing models. These were implemented following best practices to ensure the long-term success of the quoting process.

While keeping within the eight week timeline, Simplus was able to configure Salesforce CPQ to the unique needs of Limelight Networks. Custom approval processes were created and automated. A custom price book and complex quote rules were created.

After implementing Salesforce CPQ, Limelight Networks has seen a huge reduction in time spent creating and sending quotes. In addition, there is now full visibility into the sales data because everything is contained within Salesforce.

Simplus is truly a first rate organization that mitigates risk in big league ways to assure success of your important CPQ project. Any fears you may have of embarking on a CPQ transition will certainly be quelled by selecting a solid Simplus team!

Vic Pariso, Sales Operations Manager

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