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Digital transformation in manufacturing: Industry challenges

When our manufacturing partners talk to their customers, they often hear a lot about the concept of digital transformation. According to IDC, digitalization is the second most crucial priority of manufacturers after growth and market share expansion. However, IDC also predicts that 70 percent of manufacturers will be held back because of their outdated business models and technology in 2019 alone.

The pace of business today is fast, and the competition is fierce. Companies that aren’t successful in adopting and optimizing new technologies run the risk of being left behind. So what is a manufacturing business to do?

Digital transformation, especially in the quote-to-cash cycle, is the answer. In terms of streamlining and enhancing the sales process, whether it’s in-house or through channel partners, you can look at reimagining the quoting process. Driving digital commerce is a full organizational effort. It takes the coordination of many different departments to work. But with technology such as Salesforce CPQ, you can streamline the effort to make it seamless and simple.

So how do you proceed with a successful digital transformation? From the Salesforce perspective, we found that the key is to put your customer at the center of everything. Historically, manufacturers have made substantial investments in operational systems and processes.

Click here to listen to the audio version of the Tuff Shed Digital Transformation Journey webinar, hosted by Amy Cook, CMO at Simplus. It features Steve Stessman (VP of national retail sales at Tuff Shed), Loring Anderson (director of manufacturing alliances at Salesforce), and Dylan Ferguson (director of sales at Simplus). In this podcast, you’ll learn what it takes to have a successful digital transformation.