Jae Park - My Vetforce Story

Jae Park – My Salesforce Military Story

Position at Simplus:



Experience in Salesforce:

4 years


Military Job:

Transportation Systems NCO (88N)


How did you discover Salesforce?

Veterans2Work (Non-profit organization)


How did (are) you train(ing) to become Salesforce Certified?

Online instructor training for Admin (ADM201) provided by Salesforce Military


What is your #salesforcemilitaryvictory story into Simplus?

Two years ago, I was looking to transition my career into consulting. I met John Garvens at a Salesforce Military event during Dreamforce where he was offering help to fellow veterans with career coaching and résumé building. I sent him my résumé for revision; his advice on my rrésumé was to send it to Joe Carr’s team.


How has Salesforce Military made an impact on your life?

I was unemployed for more than a year after coming home from an overseas deployment in 2014. I was willing, able, and trying, but I did not know where to look or how to begin. Once I found out about Salesforce Military, I utilized everything that they had to offer. Within six months I had two certifications and my first job offer in the Salesforce ecosystem. 


What does the Salesforce Military community mean to you?

I try to show up to as many Salesforce Military events as possible. I talk to others who were in the same position as I was. I want to see others succeed as well.


What advice do you have for new Salesforce Military members? 

  1. Even though Salesforce Admin was your first certification, a Salesforce Admin position is likely not for those who are just starting out in this field.
  2. Shoot for the App Builder certification. This will give you your first job.


What are some career-oriented goals you have?

A hot-shot solution architect


What are some personal (non-career) goals you have?

To stay relevant and continue to learn


Personal interests/hobbies:

Reading fictions, following up on both US and Korean news