Salesforce Certification

John Garvens: How to analyze your Salesforce certification exam results

John Garvens, a CRM Strategist by day here at Simplus and a rockstar Salesforce aficionado always, has released his guide to analyzing Salesforce certification exam results! After failing a certification exam twice, John was determined to put his experience to good use: show how failure in Salesforce certification can lead to even better results and more effective studying. His guide reviews everything from the evolution of Salesforce exam feedback to a step-by-step method on how to calculate section scores using his own failed exam as a template—it’s massive and deserves an attentive read. But, if you’re in a hurry, you can catch an overview of the biggest tips here. Just be sure to read the guide in full on John Garvens’ blog when you’re preparing for your next exam!


How to use your feedback scores

Step 1: Rank each section by weight

Step 2: Calculate the number of questions per section

Step 3: Review your section-level scores

Step 4: Calculate the number of correct answers

Step 5: Convert your section-level scores into overall scores



“Studying everything makes sense at first. After all, if you know everything, you will certainly pass. But can you truly know everything? How long would it take you to learn everything? Do you really want to wait that long?” says John. “Think about it. If Salesforce expected you to know everything in an exam to pass the exam, the passing score would be 100%, not 65%, and there would be only a small number of Salesforce certified professionals. You must constantly balance your desire to know everything with your need to know enough. There will always be gaps in your knowledge. Understanding and accepting that fact is essential in any career, especially a career in technology.”


How to study: A section-weighted approach

“Allocate your study time based on the weight of each section. Optimize for opportunity,” says John. John uses a four-step method to set up his study schedules, by first ranking the sections of a given exam by weight, then allocating his total budgeted study hours by that weight,  then dividing that into weekly hours for studying, and finally, putting the math into a schedule where he has already set aside time for studying.


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