Mike Bergman first in the DocuSign ecosystem to be SpringCM certified

The DocuSign SpringCM Accreditation Program is a new program that is intended to evaluate consultants’ skill level and their ability and readiness to provide customers with a great SpringCM experience. The project portion of the program allows the candidate to display their expertise and understanding all four phases of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. Candidates for the accreditation can choose between building a solution that meets the criteria of a fictional customer’s requirements or demonstrating a real-life solution that they were instrumental in designing and delivery.  


Introducing Mike Bergman, CLM extraordinaire 

Mike Bergman, Simplus CLM Solution Architect, chose the latter option. Mike showcased a recent Simplus customer that implemented SpringCM and whose goal was to transform their agreement processes. As a result of his work, Mike was recognized at the recent DocuSign Momentum as the first in DocuSign’s ecosystem to be SpringCM certified!

For the last three years, Mike has been focused exclusively on contract lifecycle management (CLM) and specifically on SpringCM implementations for CLM.  With seven Salesforce certifications also under his belt, Mike is a digital transformation expert and a proven CRM professional. 


The Accredited Solution

Mike’s demonstrated solution for accreditation included SpringCM with integrations for DocuSign eSignature and Salesforce. This helped the customer standardize contract creation and decrease their time-to-value by automating the entire process of sending a contract for internal review, managing external negotiations, and gathering electronic signatures.

To complete the transformative solution and provide a better experience for the customer, Mike focused on the following areas of agreements:

Prepare—Mike created templates to enable easy generation of some of the customer’s most common contracts and implemented a doc generation process that allows the sales reps and sales support staff to generate their contracts without reliance on legal staff and contract administrators.

Sign—Mike leveraged a seamless integration of DocuSign for eSignatures with the customer’s SpringCM approval workflow. Now, the execution of contracts is automated and can be controlled by trained and licensed employees.

Act—Through the implementation of SpringCM Advanced workflows, Mike helped the customer standardize their business process and increased visibility into their contract processes at every step of the way. 

Manage—Mike simplified the management of in-process and active contracts by introducing centralized agreement storage within SpringCM with a logical folder structure to allow for easy location of agreement and object. This also included folder mapping between SpringCM and to allow users to find agreements in context with the records they relate to. To allow users to track down the documents they need to find quickly, we leveraged metadata to enable easy searching and reporting on all agreements.


Additional Highlights

Some other key features also architected and implemented in Mike’s solution included the use of eForms to control the definition of things like notifications, task instructions, and more; the design of custom attribute groups to define the entire negotiation process flow; and pushing back the contract status to Salesforce in order to indicate when a Master Agreement or NDA is active.


We are thrilled with Mike’s dedication and tireless work with CLM processes and ecstatic to announce his formal certification in the DocuSign ecosystem. Congratulations, Mike!