Simplus + Boomi

Boomi is the #1 PaaS. Simplus is
the #1 leader in QTC. It’s a match made in heaven. With Boomi
and Simplus partnered together, we are creating seamless
solutions custom-built to fit your business needs.

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Boomi empowers its users

to customize endpoint applications with easy drag-and-drop integration. Are you drowning in a vast and intimidating network of software, applications, and data repositories? It can now all be connected with Boomi. A comprehensive library of technology connectors is Boomi’s greatest resource, and with Simplus, we can guide you towards the best solution for you. Best of all, Boomi’s resources and Simplus’ services are equipped to work across multiple industries.

  • Sales
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Healthcare/Life Sciences

Sales Organizations

  • Easily move and validate important data between applications with Boomi’s automation features and cut down on the sales process time
  • Use Boomi to align marketing and sales with pre-built connectors to integrate the two forces, be it in the cloud or on-site
  • Discover a new level of customer insights with Boomi’s data analytic features. Boomi can combine any source to provide deep visibility into your customers

Financial Operations

  • Pass data between various selling, billing, and service applications with Boomi’s integration processes and unique endpoint connections
  • Speed up your sluggish reporting process and meet requirements without stress. Boomi makes sure that information is current and accurate throughout the system and enforces priorities
  • Watch those IT costs drop. Since Boomi is completely cloud-based, you can reduce your business’s CapEx costs and instead focus your investments on higher value resources
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Human Resources

  • Develop better talent by governing the various data you need with Boomi. You can easily manage and evaluate talent by implementing Boomi’s information sharing
  • Lift your HR processes up out of manual work and into an automated, integrated system with Boomi
  • Ensure you are properly aligning with business practices. Improve performance measurement, budgeting, and compensation decisions, allowing HR to get the right information at the right time

Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Sharing is caring, and Boomi EDI provides your business with the capabilities to share data from anywhere into a HL7 document, combine or separate multiple records, and manage communications
  • Manage data between devices—whether facing the back-end—with seamless movement, point-to-point integration, and APIs
  • Ensure your data quality meets the standards of healthcare regulations with Boomi Master Data Management: define governance rules, correct records, and update data

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A whole new level of integration