Harness the benefits of Salesforce Billing!

Salesforce Quote-To-Cash is the world’s most powerful CPQ and billing SaaS platform to date. There are boundless benefits to having CPQ and billing functionality on the same platform; by pairing them, you can go far beyond the sale and manage the entire customer journey seamlessly.

Salesforce Billing automates time-consuming processes, allowing you to offer your clients unprecedented flexibility and services—and make changes on the fly. Let’s explore the benefits in store with Salesforce Billing.

It’s all in one place.

Salesforce Billing completes the spectrum of the Salesforce CRM platform. Before Salesforce Billing, Salesforce users would have to tack on auxiliary applications or build their own integrations to back-office solutions to complete the quote-to-cash process. Now, with Salesforce Billing, the entire process can happen in one place and on one platform, from lead generation to final payment. While other non-Salesforce native applications create their own objects such as opportunities and orders within their system, Salesforce Billing operates on the same data model and the same objects. This negates the complexity of having to swivel between different platforms.

It’s simple and cost-effective.

Salesforce Billing will help you reduce TCO and overhead maintenance costs involved in operating non-native billing applications. Non-native applications and packages tend to not be “upgrade-proof,” so whenever Salesforce pushes a user-wide update, you’re left waiting around for the third-party integrations to catch up. This means a new upgrade can affect the performance of your current instance for an extended period of time. It can become even more complicated if you have a combination of cloud and non-cloud applications in use, and those indirect maintenance costs will eventually impact your bottom line.

It’s highly customizable and automated.

Salesforce’s quote-to-cash platform comes with countless out-of-the-box features to cater to any business’s needs. You can automate recurring subscriptions, tailor specific billing needs on a client-by-client basis, and track key metrics to give you and your team unparalleled insight into your billing practice.

While the power of Salesforce Billing is great, it can be daunting to tackle the implementation and comprehension of this robust system. Simplus is here to help.

Meet Our Salesforce Billing Experts!

We’ve brought on some of the industry’s best to help you implement, configure, understand, and maximize your billing solution:

Pramod Patil

Pramod has been working within the Salesforce ecosystem for about four years, but that certainly isn’t the extent of his experience in implementation. Pramod got his start in IT in 1989, and he has been involved in CRM/ERP integrations and delivery since 2000. Since then, he has primarily handled the accounting end of processes and has a deep understanding of the more technical, programmatic issues associated with systems integration. Pramod also brings a broad knowledge base on the analytics side of the equation, having been involved in financial analytics implementations with ERP applications.

Sean Ralph

Sean began his career as a controller for a software services company. That involved researching the market and finding the right solutions to see them through to success, lending to Sean’s unique perspective: He is not a consultant who sells, implements, sets up solutions, and then walks away—Sean is vested in the aftermath of an implementation and takes great care to resolve any post-implementation problems. Sean has an extensive background in the business issues involved in solution integrations, and as such, has keen foresight on the types of problems a company might encounter. Most importanly, he can do what’s necessary to mitigate those issues from the beginning by deciphering and analyzing a client’s pain points.

With the right configuration and guidance, Salesforce Billing will help you streamline and simplify your pricing process. Let’s talk about what Simplus can do to help you make sense of your quote-to-cash system!