How Salesforce CPQ can transform HLS companies

by Paul B. Stevenson, MPA, CPA

Salesforce CPQ is a robust, powerful tool meant for companies across all industries. Healthcare and medical companies can build a tailored application that allows them to accelerate the lead- to-cash timeline and grow faster. From health insurance and pharmacies to providers and medical device companies, CPQ has a place in all types of HLS organizations. 

As an integral part of automating healthcare’s Quote-to-Cash processes, CPQ can yield great results on the bottom line for the companies willing to put in the time to implement and adopt this transformative technology. Here are some examples of Simplus HLS customers who have embraced CPQ and given their businesses’ better digital strategies for the future because of it: 


Ziehm Imaging: Faster quote creation time

Ziehm Imaging creates and distributes mobile x-ray based solutions and was looking for a way to drive more sales out its processes with faster quote creation and a streamlined go-to-market approach. A Salesforce CPQ implementation by Simplus was the answer. We simplified Ziehm Imaging’s product and bundle configurations for optimal CPQ use and ultimately paved the way for a 93 percent decrease in the time it took Ziehm Imaging to create quotes.


SAS: Integration and modernization

Southern Anesthesia & Surgical (SAS) supports the dental practice community with equipment and supply needs. However, SAS found that its growth was being hindered by a series of manual processes and tedious, legacy systems. SAS wanted to make the jump to Salesforce, including CPQ, in order to better handle large amounts of information, improve inter-department collaboration, and streamline quoting. Simplus implemented a complete end-to-end solution that modernized SAS’s CRM and ERP integration and resulted in a 350-degree view of the customer for SAS as well as five to seven times more accounts with the same size staff. 

If your healthcare organization is looking for the technology to streamline, automate, and breathe new life into tedious tasks, Salesforce CPQ is the answer. Reach out to Simplus for helping setting out on our Quote-to-Cash journey today. 


Paul StevensonPaul is Simplus’ Subject Matter Expert in HLS CRM Strategy. An expert with deep CRM experience in healthcare, telecom, distribution, and financial segments, Paul is a consultant who drives CRM innovations to clear a path for growth in revenue and operational efficiency. He has hands-on experience in developing, marketing, and selling CRM Apps and is a proven project leader with skills to lead CRM integrations with payer, provider, telecom, and proprietary operational and financial information systems.