What happens when Simplus, CPQ, 3D configuration, and manufacturing get together?

Great things happen when great minds collaborate. Tuff Shed approached Simplus with a slow and error-prone sales process that it wanted to optimize for better cash flow and efficiency. By working with Salesforce CPQ and KB Max, a 3D-enabled configurator, Simplus found just the right solution for Tuff Shed.

Simplus implemented Salesforce CPQ alongside KB Max for Tuff Shed. This means Tuff Shed now has the ability to complete a quote, generate necessary documents, and build products accurately without adding manual steps on the sales team. Production, wholesale, and retail sales teams are now in sync and working effectively at Tuff Shed. And now, instead of wearing multiple hats like they were before, Tuff Shed sales reps can sell and communicate in a more meaningful, efficient way.



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