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Tools for interacting with suppliers in Salesforce

If you run a company that needs a constant stream of supplies, chances are you sometimes have trouble with organizing logistics from suppliers. Here are a few tools you can use through Salesforce to help manage your suppliers.


The SupplierSoft tool lets you add automation to all operations involving your suppliers. You can get reports about how your company’s different departments are interacting with different suppliers in a clear and easy to read way.

The tool also makes it easier to interact  in real time in case there are any kind of  problems with your supplier that you have to deal with quickly.  There’s also an option to make it easier to comply with environmental regulations like for RoHS or conflict minerals.

The advantage here is that you don’t have to do a lot of customizing through IT and you can get everything up and running quickly without having to worry about risking non-compliance.

Apttus Supplier Relationship Management

This service works through the Salesforce1 mobile platform. It allows you to help reduce your costs when it comes to procuring items, partly by identifying potential supply chain risks.  The tool is focused specifically on usability on the supplier side, especially on a global scale.

This means that your supplier should engage with you in a more efficient manner.

Whether you work mostly with a more desktop version of Salesforce, or the mobile Salesforce1 version, it helps to add tools to let you deal more effectively with your suppliers.

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