Discover how Tuff Shed skyrocketed revenue with digital transformation

Tuff Shed, Simplus, and Salesforce are teaming up to share the story of how Tuff Shed skyrocketed its revenue with a Salesforce digital transformation project!


The Tuff Shed Digital Transformation Story

By moving various disparate platforms and applications to a single Salesforce instance, Tuff Shed was able to completely revamps its sales and contracting processes, which led to a huge increase in revenue, decreased costs, and a better experience for customers.

To learn more about the transformation and how your company can realize similar results, tune in to a free webinar on Tuesday, July 23rd, 11:00 am MDT. Steve Stessman, Vice President of National Retail Sales at Tuff Shed, will be joined by Loring Anderson, Director of Manufacturing Industry Alliances at Salesforce, and Dylan Ferguson, Director of Sales at Simplus. Together, the three presenters will present a complete, in-depth look at the transformative Tuff Shed story.


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