VIDEO: Tuff Shed, Simplus, and Salesforce—Sales transformation done right

“I replaced every single process. From opportunity to installation in the backyard,” Steve Stessman, VP National Sales at Tuff Shed, said of the company’s digital transformation. “If it wouldn’t have worked, I would’ve lost my job.”

But work it did, and it worked extremely well for Tuff Shed. The company increased deal size by 105 percent, created a 38 percent faster sales cycle, and radically improved its customer experience with a 200 percent increase in conversions. How? By partnering with Simplus for its Salesforce CPQ implementation. 

In a landmark collaboration between Tuff Shed, Simplus, Salesforce, and KBMax, Tuff Shed changed the way its customers do business with them. 

The new customer experience allows for a complete end-to-end relationship between Tuff Shed and customers. With a fully integrated visual configuration system incorporated seamlessly to its sales process and Salesforce instance, Tuff Shed is driving more customer engagement and loyalty than ever before. Salesforce CPQ ensures accurate pricing and quoting along the customer journey, KBMax provides the 3D shed configuration technology, and Simplus made sure the multiple technologies were working in harmony and reaching Tuff Shed’s desired business objectives. 

Because of all this innovative work, sales, wholesale, and production teams at Tuff Shed are able to operate more cohesively and provide 360-degree insights at every touchpoint. All in all, the Tuff Shed transformation story is a touchstone for manufacturers looking into quote-to-cash technology and revamping their sales processes for the fourth industrial revolution. 

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