When the going gets tough, the tough implement a better system

When the going gets tough, the tough implement a digital transformation work process that makes their business more profitable and efficient. Just ask Steve Stessman, VP of Retail Sales at Tuff Shed, Inc. He has been moving Tuff Shed toward a modern, automated management system that empowers his sales team and enhances the overall customer experience—with impressive results. With this new model, 


  • Customers can design product using self-service online functions.
  • Automated communication allows customers to engage during the manufacturing and installation phases. 
  • CRM allows customers to either purchase in-store or online from their homes.
  • Real-time data means fewer errors within the sales team.
  • Automated data management means a faster sales cycle.


In fact, companies who have implemented Visual CPQ may experience 

105% increase in deal size.

38% faster sales cycle.

200% increase in conversions.


It’s the stuff business dreams are made of, really. And it is part of the powerful message Steve plans to share with others at this year’s Dreamforce 2019. But you don’t have to wait to hear more about Steve’s Salesforce strategy for improving revenue. You can tune in right now to this special on-demand webinar. It’s free. It’s enlightening. It’s informative. And it’s available right now. 

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